Maha Shivarathri

By February 25, 2017News

Shivarathri, a night of fasting, self-control and purification. The night dedicated to the magical splendor and grandeur of Lord Shiva. According to the Vedic system there are 8 fasts dedicated to Lord Shiva, however the most enduring and challenging is the Maha Shivarathri Fast which is also said to receive the most amount of blessings from Shiva.

After over three decades of a violent civil war, the blessings and spiritual guidance received from such deeds are paramount in fostering harmony, reconciliation and progress through unity.

On this blessed night I pray that the blessings received by Hindus across the world is bestowed upon everyone worldwide.

Finally, I hope and wish that we can stand united as one country and one people as we embrace new challenges and embark on newer journeys.

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